Pohorska ulica 59, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Bazen v hotelu Habakuk



The Pohorje slopes and forests are covered with a snowy white blanket in winter. After a busy day in the fresh air, a silver bath is the perfect place for warmth and relaxation. In the large swimming oasis, relaxation and pampering take on a whole new meaning. In the comfortable relaxation areas, you will find joy and fulfillment in the embrace of the cosy atmosphere full of tiny details and magical  lighting.

The Habakuk SPA is the perfect place for pampering. Step into this unique oasis and discover a world of relaxation, rejuvenation, and perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.


Wellness spa center Habakuk

SWIMMING POOL: Mon. – Sun. from 11. to 20.
SAUNAS: Mon. – Fri. from 14. to 20.
SAUNAS: Sat. – Sun. holidays from 11. to 20.
FITNESS: Mon. – Sun. holidays from 11. to 20.



Dear guests,

We would like to inform you that the swimming tickets and gift vouchers for the pool and saunas, which you purchased before the temporary closure of the hotel, are still valid. These can be redeemed until December 31, 2023.

We warmly invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the relaxing benefits of the Habakuk Wellness Center.

Tickets can be purchased at the cash desk of the Habakuk Hotel Wellness Center.

Due to the increased occupancy of the accommodation capacities, there might be restrictions on daily visitors’ entrance to the wellness center.

For any further questions, additional information, or reservations, please contact the Wellness reception at phone number 02 300 83 84 or write to us at the email address: wellness@hotel-habakuk.si.

Habakuk Hotel Team

Notranji bazen masaže whirlpool jacuzzi vodne masaže sprostitev

Indoor Swimming Pool

Relax and have fun in the indoor pool with water massages, whirlpools and other water effects. Water activities and swimming greatly affect our well-being, helping us to exercise the entire body and relax after a busy day. All this on an area of 740 square metres. The water temperature in the pools ranges between 28°C and 30°C.


For Finns, the sauna has always been a “sacred place”, a place where you heal your body and soul. In the 19th century, the sauna was the only place where hygiene was a must. You can choose between classic Finnish, infrared, herbal, and Turkish saunas (hammam).

Beauty Centre

The secret to beauty and relaxation treatments lies in the combination of a nourishing system and products of established cosmetic brands. One of these is the renowned BABOR cosmetic brand that is synonymous with professional skin care in wellness and SPA centres around the world. The expertly trained team of our Beauty Centre gives advice and attention to each individual guest. We adapt to your wishes and your skin.

Fitness Centre

The fitness centre covers an area of more than 240 square metres. The centre is divided into two parts: a cardio area with cardio machines, trainers, weights and bars, and a functional training area. This room also includes cardio warm-up equipment such as a rower, a spinning bike, an air bike, a set of handles and bars designed for a number of strength-building exercises, kettlebells and the like.